Europe’s finest team of Audio-Visual, Security & Internet integration specialists! 

A personal message from 
Xenio Gubbels, XLvision Teamleader & CEO

October 3rd 2018

Hello. We’re developing a new website to better explain what we’re doing. In the last couple of years, we’re doing more and more turn key projects. While we get the new website ready, here is a current overview on what we’re doing today. We have never been as busy!  Give us a call or book a meeting to visit us just outside Amsterdam!

XL Vision is the name we phased a few years to replace Satellite Specialist. Our business has been serving clients worldwide for over 24 years, but we now do so much more satellite TV installationWe’re a pro-active team of highly qualified engineers, architects,  project designers and software specialists. Our headquarters are located in Amersfoort,  just South-East of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We’re the same great team, offering the same trusted service. Our change in brand name to “XL-Vision”, reflects the fact that we now offer a much wider range of AV and home security related services. We are now masters in turn-key technical installations. We’ve built up a global reputation for custom audio and video installations that are made to measure the needs of our clients. Our installations are always integrated into the location – no unsightly wiring. We select equipment independently and design systems for reliability and top-notch performance.

Always the best technology to match your specific needs

We are always scouting around events like Integrated Systems Europe 2019 , IBC and other international events, so you don’t have to. We were there to find out what is hot and not. We are specialists on making tailor-made custom solutions integrating the latest audio-visual systems with reliable and secure home security systems.

Complete range of integrated services

We continue to expand our range of complete personalised media server systems. We are always looking for the best way to make the content you own available on all kinds of devices. Make more of what you own, anywhere and anytime. We also offer High-Speed Internet solutions for rural locations that are too far away from city cable or glass-fibre. Many parts of rural France, Italy and Spain will never get access to fast fibre because it is not economic for commercial operators to lay cables. And remember, we install systems, rather than individual devices. So we always ensure that our AV solutions fit seamlessly with other services we offer, such as the home security system.

Want to get an impression of what’s hot (and not)? Give us a call or book a meeting to visit us just outside Amsterdam!

Ask to see our portfolio and hear testimonials from our international clients. We speak English, Dutch and German.

We always service what we build

Why? Because our discerning clients always demand the best. They simply want their system to work. And we’re proud that some of the most famous people on the planet trust us to do that.

We’ve always been fiercely independent of equipment manufacturers and their sales teams.

That’s the only way we can offer unbiased advice on what’s really the best choice for you. Trust us to follow the latest trends and share honest opinions.

All photos shown on this website come from projects we’ve built ourselves. No stock photos were used in the making of these pages.