Home Security Systems Explained

Protect your home and family from break-ins, theft and all kinds of property damage with a high-quality, reliable home security camera system. A lot is going on in the world of home security monitoring. And XL-Vision keeps track of what’s possible.

Most of us are familiar with the camera domes that are now a common sight in many public places. Such systems also exist to protect your home. We specialise in installations which are robust, tamper-proof and designed to be unobtrusive. We have the cabling experience to make sure that unsightly wires will never be seen.

Designing the Best Video Monitoring Systems

We always start with a Home Security Analysis, which is free to existing  XL-Vision clients. We discuss with you what areas need to be protected and the different types of camera’s available on the market. We constantly examine this expanding market for new and innovative ideas. But we also know that you want a system you can rely on.

Security cameras need to operate under varying light conditions. They need to handle the dark days of winter as well as the extremely bright light conditions on a summers’ day. That’s why we select outdoor cameras with a wide dynamic range, especially if these are being used to monitor people entering a building. Older cameras without this wide dynamic range technology are often set up to cope with bright sunlight conditions with a lot of backlight. That means that the faces of people entering the building are obscured by their own shadows. The cameras that we select are able to handle this wide dynamic range, so that dark areas are brightened, and light areas can be darkened. This all means that faces are easier to recognise. We have had good experience with the German Abus security cameras like the one shown below.

Tablet Computer becoming the universal remote control

You will notice that the Abus security system shows playback of security on a specially designed tablet. Although they make great cameras, we see a trend to use consumer tablets for playback rather than “dedicated devices”. The drop in price of the Apple iPad,  iPad mini as well as Android tablets means that these are becoming the preferred devices for use in the home. As well as handling security, the iPad can control other functions in the house, such as a multi-room audio and video system.

Today, all home security systems can be connected to the Internet, giving the owner remote viewing capability. You can either log-in via a secure Internet browser or access your security system through an iOS or Android app for your mobile phone. Most systems offer motion detection recording, coupled with e-mail alerts.

Motion Detection Systems

More recently, consumer-grade security systems have started to become more sophisticated.

For example, the US manufacturer of Dropcam has started to make intelligent tags. This type of camera detects motion when triggered by portable wireless sensors. The system can also be set up to watch for unusual behaviour – i.e. a door being opened at an unexpected time. When the event happens, the system owner gets an immediate security alert.  The following promotional video from Dropcam outlines the principle of the system.

Recording in the cloud or not?

Companies like Dropcam send all the output of their cameras to their servers. In addition to the cost of the camera, these services charge for access to your own footage. In the case of Dropcam you pay US$10 per month, per camera in order to be able to access content stored in the last seven days. If you want them to store 30 days, the cost rises to US$30 for the first camera. Each additional camera incurs a charge of US5 or US$15.

Other systems make use of local storage. After the one time purchase of the solid state hard-drive (SSD), since there are no subscription costs to pay and no moving parts to wear out.

Integrating security systems with home video and audio installations.

In addition to our expertise in security systems, our team can offer specialist advice in two other important areas.

We can also help plan your next project ( and save money), especially if you are in the planning stage of an extension or a renovation.

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