Making the best choice


The way we work: Understanding what you need

We always start by discussing what type of television or audio you want to watch or listen to.

For instance: you may be in France and want to watch English language channels. Or you may live in Spain but want to keep track of business in Germany.

Have you got the right equipment?

We advise on the most reliable equipment choices

So do you like sports? Do you follow news or business? Do you prefer a movie channel where the choice is made for you? Or do you want to browse through a catalogue to access films on demand? Where in your home do you want the screens? Do you want to view programmes on a big screen, a tablet or both? Do you want to own films or simply pay for access to them?

All these kind of questions are important because the bouquet of programmes available depends on where you are. The offer of programmes in the UK, for instance, from SKY is very different from SKY Deutschland in Germany.

Independent Equipment Advice

Once we understand what you want to watch, we can advise on the equipment options available. Remember we are not affiliated with any particular supplier.

We understand screen technologies like no-one else. We test and maintain several types of satellite receivers and media servers. We also Many of these receivers also fit in with so-called “Multi-room” audio and video systems. This makes it possible to watch TV or listen to music on installations positioned all over your property. With one remote control handset you can control various devices as you move from room to room.

Our Added Value

We specialise in making sure that all these different devices work together. That is a skill because the manufacturers only provide the equipment. But it never comes with a guarantee that their equipment will work seamlessly with software or hardware from another company.

We have a portfolio of projects to show you how we have built high-end video and audio installations in some of the most beautiful properties in the world. We have proven engineering skills as well as understanding what’s behind the software that drives the systems. We know that most people are not interested in how the system works, as long as it delivers what was promised. Day in – day out.

Can’t I do it all myself?

You always need the right components to finish the job

We have everything at hand to complete the job

Some people try. But it isn’t easy. Here’s why.

There are plenty of electrical warehouses that sell huge quantities of computer parts, screens, even satellite receivers and media servers. But their warranty only covers the equipment. There is no guarantee that the equipment will work abroad or that you will be able to get the channels you want. And most electrical retailers only stock a limited range of brands.

Installation is also not easy if you don’t have the right tools. We have spent the last two decades installing systems large and small. We know from practical experience what works and which brands have proved to be a false economy.

Remote troubleshooting

If desired, XL-vision can offer a remote monitoring service to check that your satellite TV tuner, media server or smart TV is using the latest software. Sometimes, an operating system upgrade by Windows or Apple means you need to upgrade software in other devices. We keep track of software changes and can offer a subscription to our “after care” package. That means we can securely log into your system and do routine upgrades without you having to call out a service engineer. That’s the best way to keep your investment performing at its best. And it is both safe and secure.

Number One in Special Projects

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEveryone sees the rise of video over the Internet (so-called IP TV) and the gradual integration of social media services with what we used to call Radio and TV.  We’ve installed complicated home entertainment systems on land. More recently we have also designed and installed audio/video and security systems on board marine vessels.

This is a challenge as the satellite dish needs to point at a fixed position in the sky. But there are now ways around the problem.

Our “secret sauce” is designing systems where all these important elements this fit together – seamlessly. And we offer a premium maintenance service to keep it that way. The result is always built to a world-class standard. Ask to see our portfolio of projects.


Independent Advice in Four Easy Steps

in officeThe XLvision team is always willing to share their passion for the best solutions. Because the best does not necessarily mean the most expensive. We usually work on projects in the following way.

  • We first listen to the challenge you are trying to solve. Then we suggest ways in which we can help. We have a large project portfolio to show you how we’ve tackled the most amazing and difficult challenges for others. We’ll discuss the right combination that fits your personal requirements. We’re transparent about the costs. Clients always make the final choice.
  • Once the project has been agreed, we’ll pick the right equipment and select just the right team members to install it. We’re experts at installing efficiently and with the minimum of inconvenience. We understand how to meet your most exacting standards.
  • We are specialists in ensuring that the technology is tucked away out of public view. As engineers and software specialists, we understand how to design installations so that cables are neatly hidden and secured. Our camera and satellite installations are, naturally, tamper proof.
  • And then we add the most comprehensive after-sales service you’ll find anywhere. We pride ourselves in creating solutions that perfectly fit your needs. We’re always open for new ideas.

Remember that XLvision now offer services in two other key areas:

  • Internet-via-Satellite solutions. Live outside the reach of cable or fibre? Then consider Internet delivery via satellite.
  • Security video facilities. Protect what you own. Complete, easy to use remote monitoring solutions.