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Over the last ten years we’ve developed a special skill of not only installing equipment in some of the world’s most beautiful homes, but also ensuring it is integrated into the room.

Equipment where no wires are visible. And yet everything performs perfectly. Whether it is (ultra) high definition screens or the finest sounds in every room. And we can also embed security systems into your home to protect your family and possessions. We also specialise in so-called “multi-room” designs.

Why not visit our showroom just outside Amsterdam to discuss what’s possible? We also do on-site visits for existing customers.

Showroom KitchenIndependent Advice in Four Easy Steps

Our solutions are always based on understanding your individual needs. We have plenty of suggestions: Ask to see our current portfolio of recent projects.

Explore the possibilities without any high pressure technical sales talk. We want to fully understand your needs. Then we offer the best advice and the most competitive prices you’ll get anywhere on the planet!

The XLvision team is always willing to share their passion for the best solutions. Because the best does not necessarily mean the most expensive. We usually work on projects in the following way.

  • We first listen to the challenge you are trying to solve. Then we suggest ways in which we can help. We have a large project portfolio to show you how we’ve tackled the most amazing and difficult challenges for others. We’ll discuss the right combination that fits your personal requirements. We’re transparent about the costs. Clients always make the final choice.
  • Once the project has been agreed, we’ll pick the right equipment and select just the right team members to install it. We’re experts at installing efficiently and with the minimum of inconvenience. We understand how to meet your most exacting standards.
  • We are specialists in ensuring that the technology is tucked away out of public view. As engineers and software specialists, we understand how to design installations so that cables are neatly hidden and secured. Our camera and satellite installations are, naturally, tamper proof.
  • And then we add the most comprehensive after-sales service you’ll find anywhere. We pride ourselves in creating solutions that perfectly fit your needs. We’re always open for new ideas.


  • We ensure everything is connected together – and works!
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